2019 1/26


Power search queries are created with one or more keyword:valuepairs. You can use the following keywords in power searches.
afterRestricts the results to books published after a specified date. This keyword is used with pubdate. For example, pubdate:after 2006.
ASINAn alphanumeric token that uniquely identifies a book.
authorAuthor name.
author-beginsAuthor name begins with this value.
author-exactAuthor name matches this exact value.
bindingSearch for a specified binding. Values for binding include abridged and large print.
duringSearch for books that were published during a specified time period. This keyword is used with pubdate. For example, pubdate:during 2006.
EISBNElectronic International Standard Book Number.
ISBNInternational Standard Book Number.
keywordsWords found in the title or description.
keywords-beginSearch for words that begin with this value.
languageLanguage in which the book is written.
pubdatePublication date.
publisherPublisher name.
subjectSearch for a specified word in the subject description.
subject-beginsSearch for a subject description that begins with this word.
subject-words-beginSearch for a subject description that begins with these words.
titleBook title.
title-beginsBook title matches an exact value. For example, title-begins:"I" might return the I, Robotbook, but it will not return the book, Isabel.
title-words-beginBook title begins with this word.